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Graffstop - Anti-Graffiti Coatings Range

Our range of anti graffiti coatings are the solution to the headache of unsightly graffiti and it's removal. The full range of coatings have been developed to provided a solution for almost every surface material, we even have an anti-graffiti coating for glass! Our products can save you vast amounts of time and money when trying to keep the blight of graffiti from your business or vehicles.

The GraffStop® system is a truly revolutionary range of Anti-Graffiti coatings, developed in-house by our dedicated chemists to outperform other systems on the market with every application.

The Graffstop Anti-Graffiti coatings range is based on a single pack polymer, and can be very simply applied to almost any surface imaginable. even better is that the application process requires no special training or equipment.

Anti-Graffiti coatings on Obsessive compulsive cleaners

Linda and her team of helpers also bring their expertise to some of Britain’s filthy public spaces. They take on the challenge of transforming an underpass in Redhill, Surrey, which is in dire need of attention.

She is helped by mum of two, Cheyza, who is so hygiene obsessed that she washes her hands up to 60 times a day and Michele who has such a fear of germs that she cleans her house for up to eight hours a day. Along with a team of volunteers they clean the Victorian underpass, remove the litter and get rid of the graffiti, using Graffstop anti-graffiti coatings.

Blackpool Myspace Project using Graffstop Anti-Graffiti coatings
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