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Graffiti Solutions

  • Unique coating guaranteed for 20 years
  • Requires no chemicals or abrasion for 100% clean
  • Uses only water to remove graffiti
  • The most cost effective solution to graffiti removal and surface protection
  • Proven in Manchester's Exchange Square and Blackpool's Sea Front
Graffstop® Crystal Window Film

The final element safeguarding assets from destructive railway vandals, is our remedial treatment for acid etched and scratched windows. Our engineers polish out any damage and then apply a special film to the scratched glass, which returns it to original clarity. If vandals scratch the restored windows in future they will simply damage the film which can then be replaced.

GraffStop® CFP provides a lasting solution to glass vandalism, preventing unsightly damage, and saving the extreme costs of replacing carriage windows.

Railway infrastructure

Graffiti removal has always been labour-intensive, traditionally requiring the use of chemicals and abrasion to achieve a passable result or to constantly repaint over the graffiti. These methods have cost rail companies and Network Rail millions of pounds over the years, London Underground alone were reportedly spending £10 Million per year tackling the problem. We firmly believe that Graffstop™ is the finest and most cost effective solution to the age old problem of graffiti. It already enjoys success throughout Europe, where in Belgium and Ireland it is used to protect buildings and bridges, and in Spain where it’s use by train operators is increasing each day.

To find out more about Graffstop® products call us now on 01332 291100 and speak to our technical advisors.

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