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Graffiti Solutions

  • Unique coating guaranteed for 20 years
  • Requires no chemicals or abrasion for 100% clean
  • Uses only water to remove graffiti
  • The most cost effective solution to graffiti removal and surface protection
  • Proven in Manchester's Exchange Square and Blackpool's Sea Front
Anti graffiti paint pressure washer
Clear anti graffiti coating at Blackpool
Hardcoat anti graffiti coating for metal
Clear anti graffiti coating at Blackpool
Anti Graffiti paint used on railway building
Anti graffiti paint used on floor mural
Anti graffiti paint makes removal easy
Clear Anti graffiti coating algae control on seaside steps

Graffstop® Anti-Graffiti Paint

GRAFFSTOP® - a revolution in anti-graffiti paints and coatings

Anti graffiti coating paints from Graffstop are an extremely tough, truly revolutionary range. They have been formulated to cover existing graffiti or if using a clear coat, it will look just like the surface underneath. They seal the surface to which they’re applied, and although the Graffiti can be sprayed back on, a quick blast with a pressure washer and its all gone again.
Our GraffStop® system is a truly revolutionary Anti-Graffiti paint. The single pack polymer at the heart of the Graffstop coatings has been developed in-house by our dedicated team of chemists to be totally unique, it is unlike any other system on the market, outperforming them at every turn and with every application. What’s even better is to remove and repeat Graffiti on treated surfaces there’s no longer any need for expensive hazardous chemicals, no more training or safety issues - with GraffStop® Anti Graffiti paints, it can be washed away simply and quickly with nothing more than tap water!

Graffiti removal has never been easier.

The benefits don’t stop with graffiti control, GraffStop® paints also make the removal of algae and pollutants short work, just like removing graffiti, give a quick blast with a pressure washer and it’s gone. Plus it’s tough enough to endure the British climate leaving any surface completely vandal proof, for years of hassle-free maintenance.
The list of areas it’s being used in is growing daily, with Private businesses across many industries, and public sector rail operators, and many councils starting to use Graffstop in public areas usually prone to Graffiti, parks, play areas, public seating, youth centre’s, walls and fences, whether theyre brick, stone, concrete or wood, Graffstop paints cover them all.

Our unique formulation allows GraffStop® to perform like no other anti-graffiti treatment, and deliver real results where no other coating can because it:

  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Can be coloured to match ANY
  • surface you need to treat
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Remove your graffiti problems with JUST WATER!
  • Is an easy to apply, single pack system - no special equipment or training required!
  • Can be applied straight from the tin by brush, roller or spray gun
  • Is self-healing
  • Is completely fly poster proof
  • Can be applied to Stainless steel and all pre painted surfaces.

GraffStop® is suitable for all architectural materials such as brick, stone, concrete and wood.

Want to find out more about Grafftop? Then why not give us a call, we'll help you find the right solution for your problem.

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